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Avida Towers Cebu is a place where everything feels secure, including your future.

Avida Tower Cebu

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Asiatown IT Park Cebu City
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 22.1 sqm. to 52.5 sqm
Price Range: Php 1.56 M to Php 4.42 M


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Avida Tower Cebu By Avida Land

If you have been dreaming of having a taste and the experience of living in a condo in Cebu, then you have finally landed home. Avida Tower Cebu is a convenient place to settle and give your family more than just a home. As a newly built residential property in Cebu, this condo secures everything for you including your future. Everything right from the units, security, access to special areas and outdoors are okay and perfect for modern living. Indeed, living here will no doubt mean experiencing the life you have always wanted and the right time to get a house here is now. Take a step and enjoy a vibrant lifestyle in a safe and secure condo in Cebu.

Avida Tower Cebu takes condo living to an entirely new level you have not experienced in the past. Your investment in this awesome location in Cebu is long term and the best choice for you. Everybody is talking about this new property that’s built in a unique style and according to the industry standards. Every room and corner in each house has a purpose. Indeed, this is a demonstration of the art of making an excellent use of space at home. You wouldn’t even imagine that you are walking in a 30sqm home. That’s why if you want to raise your kids in the most convenient and safest place, then you need to be part of the new occupants who are moving into this great condo in Cebu City.

This property is ideal for modern families and hardworking individuals who would like to give themselves a balanced lifestyle in the city. Whether you have a large or even a small family, there’s surely a place for you in Avida Tower Cebu. You should, however, claim your space now before it’s too late to take a step. Aside from being a great and viable investment, this property will give you the peace of mind and inspiration that you need to pursue your life goals. Security and proximity to major centers in the city will never bother you again. You will only think of those things that are necessary to take your living to an even higher level than you are at the moment.

Avida Tower Cebu Is a Modern Property with Awesome Building Features

When purchasing a home from this leading residential property, you are sure that each unit follows the stipulated structural code for condos in the Philippines. Even the strongest earthquakes won’t bring them down. Doesn’t that sound nice for you as a potential homeowner in Avida Tower Cebu? Well, to confirm that, indeed, that’s the case, you need to take a tour and explore the whole structure both indoors and outdoors. But if you don’t have the time to do that, then you can still get a picture of what these homes look like.

Indeed, Avida Tower Cebu is a perfect place to live for you and your beloved family. The right time to get a home is now because prices will start rising as soon as other developments are completed in this area. Everything is excellent, and this is that great chance you have been looking for to own your dream home in the great city of Cebu. Unlike all other condos or residential properties, Avida Tower Cebu is budget friendly and offers you the ideal condo living experience. Whether you are a pro, business person or a government employee, this is a place for you.

Sound, Safe and Secure Property Development of Avida Land

Avida Tower Cebu is a project of Avida Land, a great developer that helps you get a home in the fast-paced Cebu City without hurry or pressure. Buying a property from this developer means getting a sound investment and more than a ceiling over your head. If you have been following the recent developments in the city, you know the kind of developer we are talking about here. You should give them a try and experience the goodness of getting your property from them.

All projects of Avida Land have always stood tall among the rest. Their uniqueness and standards are way past the basic levels we know. No matter which part of the city the project is located, you have the assurance of having easy access to all the facilities and amenities you need. If you also plan to resell your home in future, then this is the place to commit your resources. Indeed, Avida Land is committed to giving you value for your money.

Avida Towers Cebu is a joint development project of Ayala Land with Asian I-Office Properties, Inc. Featuring two magnificent towers with a total of 1,045 residential units, it is a fully integrated community with both commercial and residential components, where its residents can live, work and play in one single location. Units available include Studio unit (22 sqm), One-Bedroom unit (36 sqm), and Two-Bedroom unit (52 sqm).

Avida Towers Cebu has all its community amenities located on the podium level, so that it can be isolated from the busy streets. Residents can enjoy a wide range of friendly amenities including a clubhouse, swimming pools, play area, jogging path, outdoor gym, and landscaped garden area. Managed and protected by excellent property management and superior security services, Avida Towers Cebu is definitely your dream home more than a roof over your head.

Located at the heart of Asiatown IT Park, an integrated economic zone and modern trading center in Cebu City, Avida Towers Cebu is located 15 minutes away from Cebu International Port and 30 minutes from Mactan International Airport. It is easily accessible through the major thoroughfares in the city and is close to many of the region’s corporate HQs, IT offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping areas, restaurants, business centers, and commercial establishments.

Being located in Cebu’s most vibrant business and lifestyle hub where everything is within close proximity, residents of Avida Towers Cebu can enjoy an exciting, fast-paced city life without the rush. It is near schools and universities such as CIE British School, PAREF Southcrest School, ACE, Bright Academy, Cebu Doctors’ University, University of Southern Philippines, University of the Philippines, University of San Carlos - South Campus, Cebu Normal University, and Southwestern University.

If you need medical aids, Chong Hua Hospital, Perpetual Succour Hospital, Sacred Heart Hospital, Cebu Doctor's University Hospital, and St. Vincent's Hospital are all within reach. Nearby places of worship include Carmelite Monastery, Iglesia Ni Cristo, Birhen Sa Regla, Saint Joseph Parish, Archbishop’s Palace, and The Achidiocesan Shrine of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. For your shopping conveniences, you may find several malls in the region, such as Ayala Center in Cebu, SM City Cebu, S&R Membership Shopping, Gaisano Country Mall, and Parkmall.

Avida Land Avida Tower Cebu in Cebu City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Avida Tower Cebu, then check here first. We have full details of Avida Tower Cebu updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Avida Tower Cebu - Location & Vicinity

The project is located within Asiatown IT Park, an integrated special economic zone and modern trading center in Cebu City. This connects to major thoroughfares that lead to the Mactan International Airport and Cebu International Port. It has easy access to shopping areas, restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals, churches, and golf courses.

The Avida Tower Cebu project is located in Asiatown IT Park, a beautiful and modern trading center in Cebu City. If you have been buying homes, you know that such a location is the best, especially for homes. But why does property location matter a lot? Well, unlike other investments, a home isn’t easy to move. Relocating to another area is both difficult and expensive. Besides that, a home is a long-term investment. You, therefore, need to ensure that when you are choosing one, give its location the consideration it deserves. The location is, in fact, the most important factor you should not overlook even if all the other factors are okay with you.

Quite simply, it’s easy to choose a property just because of its features a lone without considering whether the location is good for a home. That’s why some people buy one and rush quickly to sell it because they didn’t find what they expected. If you would like to avoid that, choose a property that’s located in the right place. Avida Tower Cebu is one such a property that’s located conveniently in a place that gives you easy and quick access to whichever place you want. As you already know, Cebu is an amazing city that has been growing every day. Living here gives you an opportunity to taste what such centers have for you. Some of the characteristics that make Cebu City a good location include:

  • Access to freeways and public transits
  • Good schools
  • Safe neighborhood
  • Great views
  • Water access
  • Convenient access to restaurants, shops, and popular places

All these things are vital and make a living in any place enjoyable. A location that lacks them is usually considered undesirable. You would probably not want to live in such places or even invest there for fear of making losses. For a smart area that will always give you what you want, be part of the new homeowners who are going to live in Avida Tower Cebu. The place is not just convenient, but it’s also constantly rising in value because of the great developments taking place. It’s, indeed, a place you should consider if you wish to invest now and probably sell your property later when the value is higher than it is now. You can also decide to live here for as long as you want. There’s nothing that will make you think about relocating.

In a nutshell, Avida Tower Cebu makes it now possible and easy for you to get a place you’ll call home in Cebu City. It is no doubt a perfect location that will spare you from the hassles of transport to work, popular places and other things that we all need for living. Everything is within your reach in Cebu City. You need to take this great opportunity now and get your dream home today. Remember that everyone is looking and waiting eagerly for such opportunities. If you don’t do something now, you might end up missing this golden chance of living or owning a property in Cebu City. Act now and experience life according to Avida Land.


  • University of Southern Philippines 700m
  • Bright Academy 1.9km
  • PAREF Southcrest School 1.5km
  • Child Development Centre of CIE Cebu Campus 1.4kkm
  • ACE 1.3km
  • Barrio Luz Elementary SChool 900m
  • CIE British School 1.3km
  • PAREF Springdate School for Boys 1km
  • Oprra Elementary School 2.2km


  • Ayala Center in Cebu 1.6km
  • SM Cty Cebu 2.7kkm
  • Gaisano Country Mall 950m
  • Parkmall 3.2km


  • Chong Hua Hospital 3km
  • Perpetual Soccour Hospital 2.1km
  • Sacred Heart Hospital 3.5km
  • Cebu Doctor's University Hospital 2.6km
  • St. Vincent's Hospital 3.6km
Avida Tower Cebu Location

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Avida Tower Cebu - Night View

Avida Tower Cebu - Day View


Outdoor Fitness & Landscaped Area

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Avida Tower Cebu - Features & Amenities

As a potential buyer of a home in Avida Tower Cebu, you would probably like to know what facilities and amenities are within reach from this great residential property that’s up for ownership. Well, as a recently completed property, this condo has been built according to the standards of such structures in the Philippines. Aside from being a modern one with awesome unit features, there are also many amenities that you will enjoy in the community and the city of Cebu at large. You won’t be like other homeowners who regret after buying their homes. Avida Tower Cebu and the city at large are flourishing with everything that you need to lead a comfortable condo living with your family.

A major trend over a few years ago among homeowners has been enhancing of outdoor experience. Well, if that’s what you also want when you finally get your home, the Avida Tower Cebu has already made sure that you will have amazing outdoor experience in your new home. There are a couple of fantastic outdoor facilities that will make your living enjoyable in Cebu. Since this is a project located in the city, you can be sure that everything provided by you meets the standards and status of being in a city. You will also enjoy enough space outside and playgrounds for your kids.

With these great amenities, your outdoor living experience in Avida Tower Cebu will always be great. You only need to make use of them and be a fan of outdoor activities. The one thing you should be assured about these amenities is the fact that they are high-quality and they, of course, meet the set standards. If you combine the experience, you’ll get from in-house amenities, and what you’ll get from these, you’ll have successfully realized your goal of living in a modern home environment. Besides that, you will also give your family the best environment to call home. Will you be among the new occupants of these new units in Cebu City? The right time has come for you to get that dream home. Don’t let it go because it might not be easy to get a similar place in the city.

While community amenities are great, there are lots of other things you also need to have in your home. Your home should look unique especially at the inside. Though you’ll find facilities already in, you might, of course, want to add a few things that will make your home look unique. The rooms/units are spacious and will allow you to customize them. You only need to choose one that will me meet your family needs especially when it comes to the number of rooms, square footage, size, and carpet area. You will not miss getting what you want because Avida Tower Cebu has something for every potential homeowner looking for a home in the city.

  • Adult & Kiddie Swimming Pool (200 capacity)
  • Clubhouse with Function hall for 150 guests
  • Children's Play Area
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Garden Area (maximized green area and open spaces)
  • Main lobby for each building
  • Three Elevator units
  • Admin room
  • Utility room
  • Emergency power
  • Garbage Chute/ room per level
  • Fire protection/ fire alarm system
  • Mailbox per unit located at the lobby
  • Units are electricity, telephone, cable television & internet ready
  • Transformer Vault & Genset Room to be located at the ground floor level

Avida Tower Cebu - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio Unit ₱ 1,600,000 22 sqm
One Bedroom ₱ - 36 sqm
Two Bedroom ₱ - 52 sqm

Avida Tower Cebu - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: Cash Payment
Total Contract Price payment within 30 days
With 7% Discount
Option 2: 10 - 10 - 80
10% Spot Down Payment
With 5% Discount from 10% Spot DP
10% additional Down Payment payable for 24 months
10% additional Down Payment payable for 24 months
80% Balance for Bank or In-house Financing
Option 3: 20 - 80 (24 months)
20% Down payment payable for 24 months
80% Balance for Bank or In-house financing

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